Ams Plugins Bundle

Ams plugins bundle is a web setup application that installs all plugins ever made by Reteset Software , Bundle contains commercial plugins as well.
We have removed trial restrictions from the commercial plugins and they will be free from now on.
This bundle does not contain private plugins made for clients.
Some plugins have been rebuilt, You can see buil date Built On column of the plugin listing grid.

Some plugins have new features ,they are different from the latest public versions.
Following plugins have new features and bug fixes
ScreenOverlay , GridEx , XamlListBox , ImageScroller,SSH ,SFTP

Action Plugins

This bundle includes 16 action plugins.

Object Plugins

This bundle includes 22 object plugins.

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Download Ams Plugin Bundle

This is a web installer and requires an active internet connection in order to install plugins on your system.

  • Version
  • Date 17.05.2020
  • contents Action Plugins, Object Plugins, Sample Projects
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