[Questionnaire] Whish List : Top 10 Classes & Top 10 Controls

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[Questionnaire] Whish List : Top 10 Classes & Top 10 Controls

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As of the time passes Studio evolves, but a little slowly due to some specific reasons.

We have decided to make a milestone and prepare a beta version for the runtime.
The IDE part is almost ready to BETA already,but you can write your specific requests as well.

In order to do this we need to know most wanted features so we can include them in beta version. and less requested features are coming after beta.

Can you please write :

your top 10 classes (non visual function group) such as Time,XML
your top 10 gui controls or application specific features , such as Edit,ListBox

Note, you do not need to list 10 items , you can list any number of items from 1 to unlimited

Thank you for your contribution.
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Post by wilbert2940 »

classes :
01- Library for call dlls functions
02- full Memory Library
03- Registry Library
04- System Library
05- INI Library
06- Process Library
07- Crypto Library
08- Service Library
09- Printer Library
10- SerialPort Library

gui controls :
01- Ribbonbar
02- Grid
03- ActiveX
04- Spliter
05- ScrollArea
06- Explorer (List, Tree, Combo)
07- TaskPanel
08- DockingPane
09- PropertyGrid
10- ColorPicker
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Post by gva »

1 to read/write text file formats like CSV, TSV, XML, HTML...
2 to read/write sqlite
3 to access online SQL server
4 to do API calls to online services
5 to write PDF files

- input fields with masks, validation...
- grid
- HTML pane
- tree view
- checkbox/radio button
- dropdown list (editable)
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Post by Agotaras123 »

1. Database SQL
2. Database MySQl
3. Orden Tab
4. Currency
5. Report style Crystal Report
6. Grid Objet
7. Objet Input funcion the mask format currency
8. function for graphic
9. Ribbonbar
10. ScrollArea
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Post by Serkan »

Thank you very much for your contribution.
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