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Hard but fair

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Hey to all, some of my replies might be hard or heartless in reading, this is because I am dyslexic so the right words don't away's come out so I use other words what makes it read that I am been pushy or mean but I am not.

Also at times when I know a user means well but needs putting in there place to see what is real then I will, I am not here to hate or love you, I am here to help you learn but also respect others, we all have our limits and we all need to understand our own limits.

I respect the staff and owner of this site, I will tell them my thoughts but at the same time this is because I respect them enough to trust they will understand why I am saying something, don't think because I said something to them what is a little over the top in your eyes or you believe with me so much that you can also react like me, I make sure I understand the person before I open my mouth, make sure you do.

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