SDStudio Alpha (WIP) Version 0.0.40 Release

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SDStudio Alpha (WIP) Version 0.0.40 Release

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SDStudio version 0.0.40 is ready to download

As of the release of the version 0.0.40 , Alpha versions of the SDStudio will be released publicly
Everyone can download and evaluate the SDStudio application and post their ideas or suggestions or bug reports etc..

Since this project is still in alpha stage there are many things to do and some missing (known) features to do
Please be aware of these when posting something about this application

What's New In This Version
  • Import & Export project
  • Import & Export Template
  • New Control ( Spin )
  • New Control (ProgressBar)
  • New Control (Tree)
  • New Class (String)
  • Debugger is fixed and works well now , it reports correct line and error description
  • Fixed some visual issues ,especially in high DPI monitors
  • Updated the script processing of RunTime (explained below)
  • Fixed some bugs that were previously reported
Known Issues
  • As of the change on the script processing , some event arguments might be nil and some events might not work (all of this will be fixed)
  • Some controls such as CheckBox ,RadioButton is not available yet , These controls require custom drawing and we have keep current windows theme styles , because of these reasons those controls will be available later
  • The autoresize feature does not work and a proper autoresize framework will be available in next version(s)
 ! Message from:
With this version the source code security has been improved

SDStudio creates 2 different applications

1: When you preview project it creates an application with debug information and debugger attached to it
This is not for the final output nor the application to distribute ,it is only for debugging the project
In order to find incorrect code ,event ,line etc.., SDStudio does not apply any protection or obfuscation on the source code (scripts)

2: Release build ,this will be available with Publish button which is not available at the moment
When you publish your project SDStudio will create an application without debug information and no debugger attached to it
At this time any obfuscation and encryption can be applied ,or maybe with custom callbacks or build events users can apply their own encryption or obfuscation

According to the information above , please do not post source code security issues about debug buils , because debug buils have to contain exact same script in order to report ,error region ,line and info

New version can be downloaded from here :
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Congratulations on the project
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