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Minimum system

Post by wilbert2940 »

What is the minimum system for running the software that we build in SDStudio?
whether programs built with SDStudio required to install a specific framework to run?

Like : .NET Framework, C Redistributable packages, and ...
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Post by Serkan »

SDStudio creates native windows applications therefore there is no system dependencies ,such as .NET or runtime libraries
Minimum supported OS is Windows XP (All editions, but SP3 is recommended)

SDStudio runtime written in native C++ therefore there is no system dependencies other than C and CPP runtime libraries
These libraries are already ( statically ) linked and an SDStudio application can work on any (Desktop Version including Server variants) Windows OS from Windows XP to recent Windows version

In addition to these ,there might be some DLL dependencies for specific extensions ,such as database extensions
For example FireBird requires a client DLL to work which will be provided by SDStudio IDE and will be copied to application directory
whenever you preview an application that use FireBird extension

MongoDB can be another example of this
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